The Predictive Future of Data Management

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It’s not difficult to see what the future of work looks like, one thing is for certain – Data Scientist and Data Engineering professionals are poised to be more important than ever today and in years to come. In today’s data-driven economy, every business is turning to data professionals to fill their workforce needs—80 percent of executives today says, they have a machine learning and data management strategy plan in place, and their data workforce is essential for operating at full capacity and meeting business demand.

At CiDrep, we’ve taken a look at our own data needs and challenges, stemming from current insights from in-depth industry studies and have spoken to industry leaders and professionals about what a skilled professionals workforce of the future might look like, both in 2019 and in the coming years.

“It’s no secret that the growth in big data and its potential impact on every industry have driven the need for more data scientists and engineers. In health care and the life sciences, data professionals are using tools to improve care quality, increase efficiency, lower costs, drive research discovery and innovations. Given the importance of data science to U.S. healthcare organizations, it’s becomes very apperent of specific skills that are needed…and the need to carefully examine the qualifications and skills these organizations require for data professional positions and the specific focus of their work”.

says Michael Craige, Managing Director

The very nature of work across the world is changing rapidly, however its important for me to state that a Scientists who works with data, differs from a data engineers (not the same) in that a data scientist core expertise is in math, statistics and machine learning, whereas data engineer core expertise is in advanced programming and cloud distributed system. Data scientists’ defining feature is their ability to go broad (e.g., full data analysis cycle) as well as deep in at least one (1) aspect of the field, such as statistics, genomics or computational biology.

With that said, we are doing everything we can to help our clients understand the unique need of theirs to foster innovations and compete and win in the new data economy. There are a large number of healthcare and life sciences businesses, workers and policymakers that still lack a full understanding of the impact of data professionals and the skills gap that need to be fill today within this major segments of our healthcare and life sciences business population to ensure success in the globally competitive economy now and into the future.”

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