We focus on informatics because it's the answer to so many problems that limits clinical information systems, hospital claims systems, clinical trials system, research management systems, laboratory systems and electronic health records from being able to unlock the full transformational power of their data”, said Wayne Craige, CEO and Founder, CiDrep. “With a strong team, a strong value proposition and mission, CiDrep enables client's success while helping to improve the health of our communities and well-being of the people we work with everyday. Wayne Craige

CiDrep Launches A New Website – “Integrative Informatics Consulting”

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A NEW LEVEL OF INTEGRATIVE BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS CONSULTING AND SOLUTIONS SERVICES ​ATLANTA, Georgia. August 5, 2013 – CiDrep, an Atlanta based integrative clinical-genomic, informatics consulting and professional services firm, launches today its new website to promote its biomedical informatics solutions services for both for-profit and non-profit life sciences research and healthcare…