CiDrep Academic and Laboratory

Academic and Laboratory

CiDrep research and laboratoty data management team are PhDs and data science professionals working with multiple tools and platforms to perform analysis, statistics and DNA/RNA-Seq (GATK and Google) pipeline, and algorithm computing.

Our experiences allow us to do this better: and in the cloud. No need for our clients to spent hours installing and configuring software. We will work with your team during the development of a research or analytic model for the whole lifecycle – from data acquisition, cleaning (ETL and AMH) and result analysis. We have experience working with Spark platforms, Jupiter Notebooks, R, Python, which enabled us to build many different models, with a wide range of datasets for benchmarking.

With your data stored in the cloud, your team members can collaborate remotely with ease. Furthermore, the performance and scale gained from using a cloud computing environment is much better than a traditional on-premises research computing computing . This is the type of collaborative work efforts that CiDrep provides.