CiDrep Population Health Solutions

CiDrep Population Health Digital Solutions

Providers in the modern era of healthcare are not only providing as-needed patient care, but also managing the ongoing care of an entire population. To do this, hospitals need to segment their populations, proactively assess their needs, identify gaps in the care delivery spectrum, and understand the risk of a patient needing care — in a cost-effective and efficient way. Robust analytics across multiple, often disparate, data sources can help, but many legacy data systems and infrastructure are not up to the task.

Get a pulse of patient populations

AWS cloud lowers the barrier for healthcare organizations to perform clinical or population analytics. Dynamically scale your analytics applications up and down, and dramatically lower the cost of using data science to help your patients and customers.

Google cloud Healthcare API supports HIPAA compliance and enables providers to ingest large volumes of data in a more secure manner. Infrastructure modernization and data centralization offer the opportunity to run more holistic analyses and leverage smart analytics tools. For example, you could build a clinical data warehouse, use Google BigQuery, or Cloud ML Engine. Providers can risk stratify patient populations and provide insights and visualizations to tailor population health programs and preventative care offerings — helping them better manage risk and personalize care to patient populations. Google Cloud also already includes a number of public healthcare datasets such as the RxNorm and Medicare Utilization datasets.