Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

CiDrep for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

CiDrep cloud-based informatics platform, provide drug and device manufacturers the tools they need to gain a 360° view of their data so they can utilize predictive informatics to improve the speed and efficacy of new drugs and devices.

Pharmacogenomics — Every day patients are given medications that either doesn’t work for them or have negative side effects. The best way to determine the precise medication that will afford optimal efficacy given a patient’s unique characteristics is by acquiring a full perspective of the patient including their epigenetic characteristics. With this perspective a researcher or clinical or scientist can utilize predictive informatics tools to determine the optimal intervention.

Clinical trial management — Drug and device manufacturers are burdened by expensive, difficult to configure systems for planning, preparing, managing and reporting on clinical trials.  Next-generation clinical trial and research management software needs to be highly configurable, capable of integrating and harmonizing data from multiple sites and systems, and to provide flexible and powerful reporting and data-visualization tools.

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) — Government and payer pressure for comparative effectiveness research is increasing and drug and device manufacturers need tools to help them collect and analyze the costs and benefits of their respective products to provide evidence of their relative value.   Few clinical registries or biomedical informatics systems include the ontology engine necessary to harmonize data from different systems and enable accurate, “apple to apple” comparisons of large sets of data—the key to effective CER.

Pharmacovigilance –To effectively detect, assess and understand adverse events, it is essential for drug and device manufacturers to collect and analyze a broad set of data from healthcare providers and patients.  This requires integrating data from many different resources and creates significant challenges meeting the high data quality standards regulators require. Patient registry software that enables cost-effective, high quality observational studies is essential for effective pharmacovigilance.