Patient Outcomes and Quality

CiDrep for Patient-Centered Outcomes & Quality Research

CiDrep Cloud-based Informatics Platform – gives researchers the flexibility to adapt their data model as their research needs change over time, to make changes to meet their specific research needs, to integrate data from multiple sources into a single research data registry,  and to use powerful data sciences and machine learning tools to gain a 360° view of their data.

After making significant investments to implement an EHR system – as their primary clinical data management software, these institutions inevitably learn that while EHRs collect clinical data and support limited clinical decision-making, they don’t offer the flexibility to meet the needs of clinicians or scientists who are conducting research. Simple queries are confounded by data silos, semantic ambiguity, and brittle software architecture that requires highly trained software programmers to hard-code a query of the data. Even if a researcher were somehow able to gain access to the data they need they have no tools to analyze the data or to use it to recognize patterns or to suggest ways to improve their clinical procedures.

Electronic Data Warehouses (EDWs) – provides an improved—albeit extremely expensive—option for making data more accessible for outcomes and quality research purposes, but they lack an ontology to ensure standardized and consistent data comes into the warehouse.  Also, EDWs are not easily configurable or adaptable as research needs change over time or as researchers find new questions they wish to ask of their data.

A solution for organizations facing increasing scrutiny – of their outcomes and quality measures from patients, payers, and regulators, care providers understand the need to identify the practice patterns and other factors that lead to higher quality outcomes—and then ensure that those positive patterns are replicated throughout the delivery network in order to benefit payers, providers, and patients. Understanding these challenges, CiDrep cloud-based informatics platform enables researchers to track outcomes and quality measures in ways never before possible.