IBM Power and Multicloud Cloud Solutions

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

CIDrep is an IBM Authorized Business Partner, and works with IBM to enable and deploy solutions on IBM Cloud and Power Servers, giving healthcare and research environments a flexible, scalable, centralized data management platform which can easily and continuously track samples, capture data provenance, process data, produce reports, and manage workflows and analysis pipelines in a manner defined by the end user

What is IBM Cloud Pak for Data System?

High-Performance Data Architecture for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life science organizations worldwide must manage, access, store, share, and analyze big data within the constraints of their IT budgets. IBM’s reference architecture for healthcare and life sciences defines a platform for delivering the highest levels of performance for big data workloads, while also lowering the total cost of IT ownership.

IBM Power Systems cloud infrastructures can enhance the scalability, performance, and functionality of your translational research, data management and analytics platforms, using IBM Elastic Storage Server (with Spectrum Scale) and POWER8 technologies.

Managing Complex Cloud Migrations

A carefully planned cloud migration strategy is your path to successfully moving legacy applications to the cloud without breaking your workflows.

IBM Power Systems are specifically designed to capture and manage data from a variety of sources and put that data to work in your enterprise – including real-time database and Neo4j graph processing. The IBM POWER provides up to 56 terabytes of extended memory space with CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) flash architecture, accommodating graphs of huge size and scale. IBM Power Systems deliver cost-effective, high-performing and agile IT infrastructure so enterprises can leverage the most advantage from their diverse data sources.

Speak With a CiDrep Cloud Expert

CiDrep team can also help you integrate your environment with IBM Aspera® software for secure, high-speed transfer of genomic data sets across the globe; and with IBM POWER® computing environments for ‘big data’ workloads.