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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Our Google Cloud Platform Services team is well trained and comes with experiences spanning the entire GCP ecosystem. With CiDrep on your team, you’ll have some of the best professional consultants working to help you develop and refine your cloud strategy, adopt innovative technologies, execute your roadmap and optimize service quality on an ongoing basis. Google provides an almost endless number of possibilities to manage, mine, analyze and utilize your data.

CiDrep provides end-to-end services for companies building critical cloud solutions using GCP Services. Our deep expertise, methodologies and processes means that we will deliver in the fastest time to value with GCP, whether it’s migrating you to GCP for the first time, providing 24×7 managed production services of your GCP environments, or leveraging additional GCP solutions for business innovations through automation and analytics.


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CiDrep’s expertise spans data analytics, machine learning, cloud migration, Infrastrcuture-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service that take advantage of the capabilities of Google Cloud Services.


In an increasingly competitive market, siloed and fragmented healthcare data hinders patient care and disrupts operational efficiency. Storing your organization’s data in a way that is useful is the first step in enabling insights that can help provide a unified healthcare experience. With Google Cloud big data solutions, you can aggregate, store, and de-identify your data. Then connect your data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities with the Cloud Healthcare API.

Data Analytics

The healthcare community faces two data challenges: quick analysis of large amounts of data and more effective insight gathering from diverse datasets, including clinical and operational decisions. With BigQuery, our fully managed serverless data warehouse, you can quickly find meaningful insights without having to manage infrastructure, keeping limited resources trained on patient care. By incorporating Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery into their analysis of swaths of patient data, the Foundation of Precision Medicine trains ML algorithms to help predict patterns and relationships that can indicate an Alzheimer’s diagnosis — months or even years in advance of dementia symptoms. This kind of advance warning has the potential to raise the possibility of early treatment for millions of people.

AI and Machine Learning

The ability to apply artificial intelligence to patient data is an exciting new development. With Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow, you can build and train custom models to identify populations, automatically detect patterns in patient data, and predict clinical outcomes. From helping diagnose prostate cancer with GCP to analyzing healthcare providers’ reports with Cloud Natural Language, our AI products and platforms accelerate time to insight. New research such as Google’s study in detecting diabetic retinopathy published in JAMA and Stanford University’s study to identify skin cancer illustrate the promise of applying machine learning to imaging studies.

API Management

As patient expectations for seamless care increase, interoperability of data sources is crucial. Cloud Healthcare API and the Apigee Healthcare APIx bridge the gap between care systems and applications, simplifying application development and device integration while supporting FHIR and DICOMstandards. The result? A more informed and coordinated care team — an imperative in driving better patient outcomes.