CiDrep Professional Consulting Services

CiDrep Professional Consulting Services

CiDrep’s managed cloud infrastructure services team shoulders the burden of support and IT maintenance tasks, providing high-level knowledge and expertise at a predictable cost for every physician offices.

Better Data. Better Health. Better Care.

We customise and provide a unique capitated service to the hospitals and physician’s offices: with specialized expertise across the spectrum of health IT systems and EHR applications infrastructures for cost-effective, high-impact system management and maintenance for healthcare offices and systems of all sizes.

Experts at supporting clinical cloud-based systems

If your team is burned out or understaffed on cloud IT support and maintenance tasks, look to us to reduce the cost and headache of ongoing issues information technology management and resolution – 24 hours per day.

CiDrep specialized helthcare IT consulting for cost-effective, high-impact application management and maintenance of clinical software applications and data analytics, is intended to augment and complement your team’s knowledge and skill sets in addition to providing top-quality issue resolution and management.