Research Data Management

Life Sciences Data Management

Research facilities and pharmaceutical organizations are generating vast amounts of data sets daily, hence novel and multidisciplinary informatics and data management approaches to biomedical data management; visualization, analysis and interpretation are urgently needed. 

CiDrep provides integrative informatics consulting services that address this need, including software implementation, cloud IT infrastructure support, along with bioinformatics, machine learning and genetic algorithm services, to analyze real-time genetic data from any laboratory operational information systems.

We have the scientific and academic-level professionals to expand your team, services and life science data management.

Data Management

Life science organizations are facing a crisis in cost effectively uncovering drug targets. In many cases, these challenges stem from issues with data and technology rather than the research itself. For example, researchers within R&D organizations are grappling with data explosion at a rate of 48% annually — while still working on siloed infrastructures and legacy systems.

With the help of the cloud, data management, and analysis solution, researchers can expedite their drug discovery and research through modernized infrastructure, effective data management, and efficient collaboration.

Data Integration

Researchers process and analyze data from multiple sources including genomics, imaging, and real-world data. To support this, life science organizations must be able to analyze huge amounts of data across disparate platforms. For example, biomedical data research requires that organizations structure, join, and query many different types of biomedical data and analyze each base pair upwards of 30 times for sequencing.

A cloud data integration solution set consists of solutions that integrate different types of data used within life science R&D with products built specifically for healthcare and life science organizations. Our genomic solution built on top of an analytics solution, that provides a platform for researchers to structure, join, and query biomedical data while making sharing easier and more flexible for both public datasets and controlled-access datasets.

Bioinformatics Services

Healthcare and Life Science leaders are asking for digital and advanced computational technologies that will help scientists, healthcare providers, and business leaders meet organizational objectives. Today, this is the basic necessity for a high-performance scientifc cloud computing platform for research discoveries and healthcare delivery. Our bioinformatics services help organizations implement management and analytics tools that can be accessed and shared across heterogeneous systems and geographic boundaries in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.