Clinical Research

CiDrep for Clinical Research

CiDrep Cloud-based Informatics Platform – enables researchers to integrate data from disparate sources into one registry and use cutting-edge data science and machine learning pattern recognition tools to gain a 360° degree view of each patient. CiDrep platform also includes data visualization tools that enable clinical researchers to visualize unseen patterns in their data.

Clinical research – demands an integrated, dynamic approach to data collection and analysis since the needs are constantly in flux. For too long, researchers at Academic Medical Centers, Clinical Translational Science Institutes (CTSIs), and national disease or specialty associations have been limited to custom-built clinical data registries that are extremely expensive to build, customize and maintain and still fail to meet researchers’ fundamental needs.

EHR applications, data warehouses, and other medical research software – have simply been unable to deliver research registries that allow integration and harmonization of data from disparate sources, the flexibility to adapt their data collection tools and data model over time, and powerful data visualization and pattern recognition tools. Today’s principal investigators need research management software that gives them the ability to collaborate with researchers at other sites and to connect with patients to capture valuable longitudinal data.