CiDrep – The Platform for Healthcare and Science

CiDrep: Clinical Informatics and Disease Registry Enterprise Platform

CiDrep solves healthcare’s data problem by linking together and integrating all of your data, regardless of type or source — so your stakeholders throughout your organization can: Analyze key claims, cost, identify practice patterns, and quality data to recognize scientific patterns at every level—from enterprise-wide to individual physicians and patients.

If your data holds a cure, would you even know? Could you access it?

CiDrep provides clinicians, scientists and academics full, unfettered access to a cloud-based informatics system—without IT assistance—so they can advance cross-disease research and take an increasingly evidence-based approach to improve research discoveries and patient care outcomes.

CiDrep solves the data problem by linking together and harmonizing all of your data, regardless of type or sources, so they can be analyzed for patterns. Allowing you to realize, perhaps for the first time, the full value of your data—and empowering your stakeholders, to drive better decisions based on a real-time, 360° view of patients and research subjects. Our deliverables and solutions includes:

Gain insights from your healthcare data using advanced analytics tools and platforms.

Build new tools and services for patients, providers, customers and employees.

Store, de-identify and aggregate healthcare data to make it useful.

Empower health care teams with best-in-class security platform.

Empower health care teams with HIPAA secure collaboration tools.

Leverage AI/ML to support smarter decision-making.