CiDrep Code of Conduct

CiDrep Code of Conduct

CiDrep Informatics Corporation, a Georgia corporation (“CiDrep”) makes information, products, and services available on this website, subject to the following code of conduct (“Code of Conducts”).

01. Obey applicable laws and regulations governing our business. 

02. Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all of your CiDrep activities and relationships. 

03. Be the Voice of Integrity and promptly report any concerns you have about our compliance with the law, privacy policy or this Code of Conduct. 

04. Work to run the company in as competitive a way as possible — with speed, accountability and effective compliance. Effective compliance is one of competitive advantage.

Who Should Follow These Policies
Our code must be followed by anyone who works for or represents CiDrep. All employees working with third parties such as consultants, agents, sales representatives, distributors and independent contractors must comply with relevant aspects of CiDrep’s compliance policies.

What Employees Must Do
Gain a full understanding of all policies. Learn the details of new policies that is relevant to your individual job responsibilities. Learn about your detailed business and policies and procedures and understand how to apply them to your job. 

What Leaders Must Do
CiDrep Holds its leaders accountable for creating a culture of compliance and inclusion in which employees understand their responsibilities and feel comfortable raising concerns without fear of retaliation. Leaders’ responsibilities span prevention, inclusion, detection and response to compliance issues.

Be The Voice of Integrity
Being the Voice of Integrity at CiDrep or any company isn’t always easy, but when we raise integrity concerns, we make our Company stronger and protect our colleagues, customers and partners from harm.

Regulary Excellence
Know and comply with the laws and regulatory requirements that affect your job responsibilities. Treat regulators professionally, with courtesy, honesty and respect at all times. Coordinate with business or Corporate experts when working with or responding to requests from regulators. Incorporate regulatory requirements into business strategy and processes. Develop strong processes to anticipate risks, including new and changing regulations. Monitor regulatory compliance on an ongoing basisand conduct periodic audits of key processes.

Improper Payments
CiDrep do not permit or engage in bribery or corruption of any kind. We prohibits bribery in all business dealings, with both governments and the private sector. We prohibits even small facilitation payments to expedite routine administrative actions, except in extraordinary circumstances and with the prior approval of a CiDrep compliance or business general counsel, or where an employee’s safety or security is at stake. We maintain strong controls aimed at preventing and detecting bribery. This includes a rigorous process for appointing and managing third parties acting on CiDrep’s behalf in business dealings. We maintain accurate books, records, and accounts that correctly reflect the true nature of all transactions. We follow corporate and business guidelines regarding gifts and entertainment and other business courtesies. We will never contribute company funds or other CiDrep assets for political purposes without obtaining prior approval from Corporate Government.

Supplier and Partner Relationships
We work only with suppliers and partners that uphold CiDrep’s values and high integrity standards. CiDrep relationships with suppliers must be based on lawful and fair practices. CiDrep provides suppliers and partners a fair opportunity to earn a share of CiDrep’s purchasing volume, including small businesses, and businesses owned by the disadvantaged, minorities, women and disabled veterans. CiDrep only does business with suppliers that comply with all applicable legal requirements and CiDrep guidelines relating to labor, employment and environment, health and safety and that treat workers and others fairly and with respect. CiDrep, as a business enterprise, promotes respect for human rights within our organization. We safeguards all information, including confidential and proprietary information and personal data, of both CiDrep, partners and suppliers.

International Trade Compliance
We always know what we’re exporting, its destination, the end user, and the end use. We provide Customs with complete and accurate import documentation. CiDrep will comply with all export control, economic sanctions and customs laws that regulate cross-border transfers of goods and technology. CiDrep monitors government policies regarding State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSTs) and other sanctioned countries that are often stricter than applicable laws. We follow all business procedures relating to the export of goods, software and technology. We use the export classification of goods, software or technology to determine if they require government and OEM authorization for export. We Follow “Know your Customer/Know your Supplier” procedures and the Corporate watchlist Screening guidelines to ensure we do not do business with people or companies identified on government restricted party lists. We confirm all necessary licenses or authorizations are in place before any export transaction, and adhere to all export license or license exception requirements. 

Anti-Money Laundering
We always work to know our customer and be alert to possible illegal activity. CiDrep is committed to complying with applicable anti-money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing laws and regulations. We conducts business only with customers involved in legitimate business activities, with funds derived and paid from legitimate sources. We adhere to risk-based “Know your Customer” due diligence processes on prospective customers. CiDrep works with its banks, who has controls to detect, investigate and report suspicious activity. We recognize AML risks introduced by third party and business partner relationships and mitigate those risks by, for example, performing watchlist screening.

Working With Government
We never take shortcuts when dealing with government — be transparent, always comply.  CiDrep follows the highest ethical standards in conducting business with governments. We are committed to comply with all contract terms and conditions, laws, and regulations applicable to CiDrep when working with governments. We remain truthful and accurate when dealing with governments. We maintain controls and procedures that target our government business activities specifically to ensure compliance in this highly regulated environment. CiDrep do not offer, promise, make or authorize the giving of anything of value to a government employee that is inconsistent with Corporate and business guidelines. 

Competition Law
CiDrep do not enter into any agreement with competitors that deprives customers of the benefits of competition. Every CiDrep employee has a responsibility to comply with all applicable competition laws, regulations, decrees and orders. CiDrep must never collude with other companies on price or terms to be offered to customers; agree with competitors to allocate markets or customers; or manipulate any bidding process. We avoid agreements or understandings that restrict the price at which CiDrep may resell a product or service. We do not propose or enter into any agreement with any other party regarding whether or how to bid. We only submit bids if the purpose is to compete for and win a particular piece of business. 

Fair Employment Practices
We treat all employees fairly and with respect. CiDrep bases employment decisions on job qualifications and merit which include education, experience, skills, ability, performance, and growth values. All employment decisions are made without considering a person’s race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristic protected by law. We respect human rights everywhere we work and do business with others. CiDrep will comply with all laws pertaining to freedom of association, privacy, collective bargaining, immigration, working time, wages and hours, as well as laws prohibiting forced, compulsory and child labor, trafficking in persons and employment discrimination. we take affirmative action where required by law to increase opportunities in employment for women, minorities, caucasion, people with disabilities and certain veterans. We respect employees’ privacy rights and will use, maintain and transfer personal data in accordance with CiDrep’s Employment data Protection Standards, related procedures and local law. 

Environment, Health and Safety
CiDrep follow EHS procedures and remain alert to environmental and safety hazards in our workplace. We strictly complies with all environmental, health, and safety (EHS) laws that apply to our operations. We develop and follow safe work procedures to ensure workplace safety and prevent injuries. We install, maintain and monitor environmental controls to ensure our emissions meet legal limits. We assess the EHS risks of any new activity, whether designing a new product, selling in a new market or building/leasing a office property. Our EHS principles apply to everything we do — from making or servicing products and buying equipment, to driving vehicles and disposing of waste.

Securing CiDrep Operations and Our Client’s Work
CiDrep has no greater responsibility than to protect its people, business and operations. We implement rigorous Security and Crisis Management (SCM) plans designed to ensure the security of our people, business and client’s operations. our SCM plans include a process for identifying and protecting against, the risks posed by man-made, digital or natural incidents that affect our people, facilities, information technology assets and systems, or products, services and supply chain. Communicate, as appropriate, about prevention, emergency response and business continuation with the CiDrep community, government officials, the media and the public. 

Intellectual Property
Every CiDrep employee has a responsibility to safeguard CiDrep’s intellectual property — it is the key to our growth and competitive advantage. CiDrep aggressively protects its intellectual property (IP) and enforces its rights against others who take or use CiDrep IP without proper authorization. CiDrep respects valid IP rights and avoids unauthorized use of IP that belongs to other people or organizations. CiDrep must own aa IPs created by its employees as part of their employment. We require employees to review and sign CiDrep’s Employee Innovation and Proprietary Information.

Digital and Cyber Security & Privacy
Respect privacy rights and protect against cyber risks to CiDrep information, networks and products. CiDrep respects GDPR and individual privacy rights. CiDrep is committed to collecting, handling and protecting Personal Information responsibly, and in compliance with applicable privacy and information security laws and with CiDrep’s commitment to the protection of personal informatio, where applicable. CiDrep may transfer personal information, consistent with applicable law. CiDrep seeks to protect its networks, systems, devices and information in our possession. It is our policy to use information only for legitimate purposes and to maintain appropriate access controls. CiDrep’s policy is to conduct security testing on our solutions prior to release and to monitor for cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. 

Be honest, complete and accurate in our accounting, communications and decision-making. CiDrep accounting and reporting will faithfully reflect the economic substance of the Company’s business activities, consistent with generally accepted accounting principles, standards, and regulations for accounting and financial reporting. CiDrep will prepare timely, accurate and complete financial information for use in reports to management, investors, regulators and other stakeholders. We will ensure that management decisions are based on sound economic analysis based on complete facts with appropriate consideration of short- and long-term risks. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the preservation of documents and records.

Conflicts of Interest
Always make business decisions based on what is best for CiDrep, never what is best for you personally. We have a duty to ensure that nothing interferes with our ability to make all business decisions in the best interest of CiDrep. This means that nothing we do should interfere, or appear to interfere, with our responsibility for objective and unbiased decision-making on behalf of the Company. No activity at work, home or on any social media platform should harm CiDrep’s reputation or good name. All employees have a duty to disclose if your personal or financial activities may interfere or have the potential of interfering with your allegiance toward the Company. Misusing CiDrep resources or influence is prohibited. Even when nothing wrong is intended, the perception of a conflict of interest may have negative effects. 

Insider Information
CiDrep employees are prohibited from using or disclosing material non-public information about CiDrep or other companies. Do not use or share material non-public information for financial or any other personal benefit.