Bioinformatics Services

Bioinformatics Platform Services

Our work in genomics and computational biology is informed by the people, clients, commercial and academic partners we collaborate with in the healthcare and life science industry.

Healthcare and Life Science leaders are asking for digital and advanced computational technologies that will help scientists, healthcare providers, and business leaders meet organizational objectives. Today, this is the basic necessity for a high-performance scientifc cloud computing platform for research discoveries and healthcare delivery. Our bioinformatics services help organizations implement management and analytics tools that can be accessed and shared across heterogeneous systems and geographic boundaries in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

We implement and integrate cloud-native technologies appropriate for your genomics pipeline transformation. Then we collaborative automate existing workloads in a new environment. CiDrep supports translational research in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments by providing foundational compute, storage, and workload management capabilities, along with the bioinformatician expertise managed your workloads.