AWS Healthcare & Life Science Solutions from CiDrep

Amazon Web Services

Our Amazon Web Services team is well trained and comes with experience spanning the entire AWS cloud ecosystem. With CiDrep on your team, you’ll have some of the best professional consultants working to help you develop and refine your cloud strategy, adopt innovative technologies, execute your roadmap and optimize service quality on an ongoing basis.

CiDrep provides end-to-end services for companies building critical cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services. Our deep expertise, methodologies and processes means that we will deliver in the fastest time to value with AWS, whether it’s migrating you to AWS for the first time, providing 24×7 managed production services of your AWS environments, or leveraging your AWS solutions for business value through automation and analytics.

AWS Healthcare & Life Science Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes this possible with the most comprehensive cloud platform on which healthcare and life science organizations can innovate. With over 100 HIPAA-eligible services, advanced machine learning and analytics tools that are simple to build and deploy, and data interoperability frameworks, healthcare and life science organizations can leverage AWS to speed the development of new therapies, personalize the patient experience, and improve health outcomes.

Clinical and Population Health Analytics

AWS lowers the barrier for healthcare organizations to perform clinical or population analytics. Dynamically scale your analytics applications up and down, and dramatically lower the cost of using data science to help your patients and customers.

Care Coordination

AWS makes it easier for organizations to innovate in care coordination. Ingest any type of data, whether it is telemetry from activity trackers, imaging data, or handwritten physician notes, and use it to help your team make decisions.

Patient Engagement

AWS helps healthcare organizations connect with their patients and customers. Our breadth of services make it simple to ingest data as well as connect mobile devices or sensors to the cloud. Once the data is stored in AWS it’s easy to analyze the data, or store it short- or long-term.

Clinical Information Systems

Running your clinical information system on AWS brings unprecedented levels of scalability, flexibility, and agility. Deploying on AWS means that you always have the right infrastructure at the right time, regardless of whether your network covers a city, a region, or an entire country

Data Storage and Archiving

Leverage highly durable options for short- and long-term storage that are extremely cost-effective. For example, you can store data in an archive less than a penny per GB per month. And our storage services, like all our services, come with pay-as-you-go pricing.