About CiDrep Informatics™

About CiDrep

Helping healthcare business compete and win in the new data economy.

CiDrep Informatics, Inc., (CiDrep™) is a scientific informatics consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA. The firm specializes in digital healthcare and biomedical data management services and platform solutions. CiDrep serve customers across North America.

CiDrep consulting practice helps clients leverage, maintain, migrate and manage clinical and biomedical data. We advise our clients on Data Strategy, Data Quality and Migration, and Business Intelligence and Big Data. We provide our clients with guidance on which platform is best, on what data to trust, how to make sense of it in order to unlock its potential and how to use data-driven insights to make smarter decisions.

For healthcare and clinical clients we look at ways of collecting the best patient registration data, triage data, and the data that flows out of an EHR, for secondary use to create value driven outcomes program, build workflow documents and templates, and transform data into health analytics. 

For researh and life sciences clients we address data management problems by developing and implementing platform-agnostic biomedical data management solutions to support the needs of researchers to manage, store, access, share, and secure large stores of biomedical data, to accelerate research discovery and power their fight against diseases.

CiDrep has a team of healthcare and life science focused consultants, and cloud engineers that works with senior executives of major companies to develop and implement their digital strategic plans around six core areas to meet the needs of their organizations. Our core areas are:

Gain insights from your healthcare data using advanced analytics tools and platforms.

Build new tools and services for patients, providers, customers and employees.

Store, de-identify and aggregate healthcare data to make it useful.

Empower health care teams with best-in-class security platform.

Empower health care teams with HIPAA secure collaboration tools.

Leverage AI/ML to support smarter decision-making.

Industries: Healthcare and Life Sciences (including Research Academic Institutions)